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In-Person & Live Online Classes

Spanish Classes For Adults

Spanish adults classes in Toronto. It's never too late to start learning a new language. Begin your journey today!

Why learning Spanish as an adult?

With almost 500 million speakers, Spanish is the third most widely spoken language in the world. If you want to travel, do business, study, or experience the beautiful cultures of Spain and Latin America, Spanish is a must. Open up a world of opportunities with the benefits of a second language. More employment opportunities, more travel opportunities, more opportunities to enrich your life.

Whether you want to learn for fun, for business or for travel, we've got you covered. We take a fully personalized approach where you have the option to choose a small size group with a maximum of 6 students, a private class or a combination of both.

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    2 Hours
    Once Per Week
    During 9 Months


    2-3 Hours
    Once/Twice Per Week
    During 6 Months


    2-5 Hours
    Once or + Per Week
    During 3 Months


    1 or 2 hours
    One on One
    Customized course


    2 Hours, Once Per Week, During 9 Months


    2-3 Hours, Once/Twice Per Week, During 6 Months


    2-5 Hours, Once or + Per Week, During 3 Months


    1 or 2 hours, One on One, Customized course

5 Reasons to learn Spanish as an adult

Our courses cover day-to-day Spanish topics by following a well structured program based on international standards.

We will address your specific needs and interests for example; negotiation, logistics, marketing, business terminology, pronunciation, social and cultural skills. So, whether you want to learn for fun, for business or for travel, we've got you covered.

If you've been missing the chance to connect with friends and family lately, Speak Spanish Academy's interactive Spanish lessons are a great way to spend time together while apart. Our conversational Spanish lessons are a fun activity to do with a friend or family member, that also doubles as beneficial for your brain and portfolio. Our small class sizes offer a fun and personal experience so you can have quality time with your loved ones and learn to speak conversational Spanish at the same time.

If visiting a Spanish country is in your future plans, start your travel planning early by enrolling in one of our leveled courses and immerse yourself in a new language adventure.

The ability to speak and write multiple languages is highly appreciated as a skill that can lead to lucrative job opportunities, a new career path, or additional customer markets. That makes our personalized Spanish classes a great investment in your career or business! Through our online programs you can learn to speak Spanish fast so you can update your resume quicker.

Whether for your own business or a job you love, Speak Spanish Academy classes give you the skills and confidence you need to perform better. Our classes are the best way to learn to speak Spanish fluently, and no experience is required to get started. All you need is a desire to learn.

Learning a second language, especially Spanish, has a brain training effect perfect for keeping your mind sharp when we are staring at screens and entertainment for extended periods of time.

Time to take on a new challenge! Learning a new language is a great way to keep your brain engaged. Our live online and in-person Spanish programs are a fascinating way to learn Spanish from beginners to advanced.

As we get older it can prove more of a challenge to stay socially active and make new friends, but our Spanish classes change that. Every week you will enjoy a Spanish lesson online in an interactive virtual setting or in-person at the academy, meaning you can meet new friends and engage in great conversation regularly. All from the comfort of home!

The online platform is simple to use for easy Spanish learning, making Speak Spanish Academy a great choice for lively and social seniors who like to keep active! Start with our Spanish beginner course.


SIELE authorized examination center

  • SIELE authorized
    examination center

  • Experienced native
    Spanish trainers

  • Spanish private
    classes available

  • Small size group classes,
    6 students max.

  • SIELE authorized examination center

  • Experienced native Spanish trainers

  • Spanish private classes available

  •  Small size group classes. 6 students max.

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