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Teens Lower Beginner A1.1 – Spanish 1 (Academic)

This Spanish program for teens begins by instructing students on the four fundamental language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing before progressively moving on to discussions of current events that are important to the Hispanic culture. Grades 9 to 12. Speak Spanish Academy is an Ontario Private School BSID #880006 awaiting the Ministry of Education inspection approval to grant high school credits for Spanish 1 by the Fall of 2023.

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This course provides opportunities for students to begin to develop and apply skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish. Students will communicate and interact in structured activities, with a focus on matters of personal interest and everyday situations, and will read and write simple texts in Spanish.

By systematically working through the 4 units and their associated activities, students will develop oral and written skills through the study of vocabulary and grammar complemented by authentic texts. Using the communicative language method with an emphasis on pronunciation and comprehension, students will become more proficient and confident in speaking Spanish independently.

They will also acquire an understanding and appreciation of diverse communities in regions of the world where the language is spoken and develop skills necessary for lifelong language learning. This course is a prerequisite for Spanish 2.

LWSBD Academic LEVEL 1.

The Ministry of Education ID number (Board School Identification Database -BSID) for Speak Spanish Academy is 880006.

Spanish 1 Academic course content covers Lessons 1 to 4 in Descubre 1 2022 edition.

Students will have access to the digital textbook and workbook to complete the following curriculum while enroled in this course.

  1. Lesson 1: Hola ¿Qué tal?
    • Introducing yourself in Spanish
    • Guiding question: How to introduce yourself in Spanish?
    • Greetings and goodbyes
    • Identifying yourself and others
    • Courtesy expressions
  2. Lesson 2: En la Clase
    • The classroom and school life
    • Fields of study and school subjects
    • Days of the week
    • Class schedules
  3. Lesson 3: La Familia
    • The family
    • Identifying people
    • Professions and occupations
  4. Lesson 4: Los Pasatiempos
    • Pastimes
    • Sports
    • Places in the city

This course covers the first four units of the content of Lower Beginner A1 

Students are required to complete a total of 115 hours which includes:

-In-class discussions and presentations
-Independently completed assignments on the web-based learning platform
-Independently completed projects
-Unit tests and final exam

  • Prerequisite: None
  • Total number of hours: 115 hours (approx. 90 hours of independent work and 20 hours or more of live, instructor-led conversational practice)
  • PACE to complete the course:
    • Regular: Up to 6 months
    • Semi-Intensive: Up to 4 months
    • Intensive: Up to 2 months
  • Currently offering:
    • Winter – Semi-Intensive  Feb 01 – May 09, ’24 (21h). Students will get access to course materials a week before to begin working on the course assignments.

Important considerations about our courses before you sign up:

  • We follow the Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century and adopt a communicative approach. The student works on the four language abilities in every class: speaking, writing, reading, and listening.
  • In order to properly implement a conversational class, it is required:
    • 90% Attendance.
    • Homework in the digital platform. Depending on the type of course, all of our group courses require between 30 minutes and three hours of homework per week.
  • Can’t commit to the homework in a group course? Join us in a private course. Contact us.
  • Evaluation Criteria: 100% of the Final Mark
    • Homework 40%
    • Quizzes 20%
    • Class Participation 20%
    • Presentations 20%
  • Pass rate required: 75%
  • Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy apply
  • If you have more questions, please read our FAQs or contact us
  • Technical Requirements for online classes and remote exams
  • SIELE authorized
    examination center

  • Experienced native
    Spanish trainers

  • Spanish private
    classes available

  • Small size group classes,
    6 students max.

  • SIELE authorized examination center

  • Experienced native Spanish trainers

  • Spanish private classes available

  •  Small size group classes. 6 students max.

    1 hour / Once per week / During 10 Months
    2 hours per week / During 6 or 9 Months
    2-5 Hours / Once or + Per Week / During 3 Months

In-Person - There is a limited number of in-person group and private courses available at our location in Oakville.

Live Online - Meet at the same time and day each week online via Zoom. Complete homework assignments outside of class time. Engage in meaningful conversations with other classmates and a qualified instructor.

Hybrid - Conveniently designed to integrate live online and in-person learning. Never miss another class! In a hybrid course, the student can attend in-person or live online at the regularly scheduled time. The instructor will be in person at our location.

Self Paced Online - Follow a predetermined curriculum and time frame to enable consistent and progressive Spanish study at your own pace.

Unless otherwise specified, all learning resources are digital, not printed. Please, read more about our learning resources here.

Printed versions of our learning resources are optional and have an additional fee. Please, contact us if you are interested in a printed version.

Yes, however, prior to joining any of the ongoing courses a 75% pass result of a proficiency evaluation is required.

To easily assess what course level is the right fit for you, please take a moment to complete our Spanish proficiency test.

Speak Spanish Academy reserves the right to cancel programs with a full refund due to low enrollment. Two weeks before the starting day, the Academy will refund the full amount.

In the event a student needs to cancel with less than two weeks notice to the course's starting date or for courses in progress. The Academy will only provide credit to be used in 12 months after written cancellation notice is received.

No refunds will be given for the student's absence.

No make-up classes are available for group classes. However, please send us an email at least 3 hours prior to your scheduled class if you can't attend it, and we will record it for you.

Please visit our terms and conditions to learn more about our refund policy.


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