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SIELE GLOBAL Spanish Language Certificate

Get your online Spanish language certificate

What are the benefits of taking the SIELE Spanish Language Certificate?

  • Candidates can project their profile internationally and strengthen it for university educational plans and company selection processes
  • It is totally online, making it extremely flexible and adaptable to various exam formats
  • It's rapid since you'll receive your certificate or report within three weeks of taking the exam
  • It's also Pan-Hispanic because it encompasses many of the numerous dialects of Spanish spoken around the world

Who is the SIELE exam for?

Anyone interested in proving their command of the Spanish language has Spanish as a foreign, second or mother tongue.

The SIELE is designed for young people and adults, it is an option especially suitable for people who need a quick accreditation for their admission to a university or the application for a new job.

  • To enrol to this exam, you need to pass our A1 Spanish Proficiency Test
  • Age: Teens (13-18) and Adults (18+ years)
  • Before enrolling to our SIELE exam, be sure to carefully review the SIELE technical and environmental requirements and know the steps to follow to take the exam remotely
  • Refund policy:No refunds will be given for the candidate’s absence.No make-up exams.



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