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Modernising Education for Spanish

Modernising Education for Spanish

Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, recently discussed his befuddlement at the lack of modernization in the modern education system. He is astounded that largely the same courses and methods of teaching that were present when he was a student are still the same ones that exist today.

One example Branson states is French; although there is a huge focus on it being taught, the areas of the world it’s spoken are relatively small. Outside of France, Québec, and a few other countries, it’s usage is not all that common. Even worse is Latin, which is still being taught in some venues but is hardly used outside of high school Coats of Arms.

Branson has ideas on how to make improvements. Change the focus from learning French and Latin to learning coding. Worry less about remembering historical dates and instead concentrate on becoming knowledgeable about modern day world issues. Don’t copy outdated business models – write a business plan.

And one more of Branson’s ideas is as simple as this – learn to speak Spanish.

Spanish is largely spoken around the world. In our previous article, we discussed how there are currently 559 million Spanish speakers worldwide. Modernising education for Spanish would create far more opportunities for students when they graduate. There are plenty of ways to use the language in both travel and business.

Now more than ever, with social media, technology and shortened attention spans, experiential learning and more modern approaches to learning are what kids and students need to get their jump-start into the world.

Speak Spanish Academy is here to help you do that.

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