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A little bit about Fernando Botero

Man on a bench - Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero, Man on a bench, 2011, private collection. Cornette de Saint Cyr. Detail.

Who is Fernando Botero?

Fernando Botero Angulo is a Colombian artist who was born in Colombia, Medellin and spent his career creating fantastic pieces of art such as paintings and three-dimensional ceramic works of art. Botero is famously known for his special world-renowned style of creating his art, known as “Boterismo.” Boterismo consists of portraying people and things as huge and overdone in size. This specific style of artistry can symbolize certain political criticism or amusement for people to observe. (The Art Story, 2022).

How was Boterismo started?

Boterismo was born when Botero realized he had done a funny thing. While staying in Mexico City in 1956, Botero painted a mandolin with an exceptionally small soundhole. As a result, the instrument has enormous dimensions. He was enamored with it and began to paint in the same style. (Daily Art Magazine, 2022). Botero has dedicated much of his work to depicting everyday life in Colombia’s streets and focusing on important issues such as the drug cartels or military tensions in Colombia. (The Art Story, 2022).

What did Botero do in his free time growing up?

While Botero grew up in Medellin, he spent his time being fascinated by the Baroque style and studied to be a matador. However, the study of the art of being a matador didn’t capture Botero’s attention the way the study of art did. Pursuing his interest in art is what helped him thrive as a successful artist and instill enjoyment in people’s lives with his beautiful pieces of work. (The Art Story, 2022). Botero was and is truly considered one of the most influential Latin artists. One could say this is because of his miraculous talent for turning something simple, like a man sitting on a bench, such as his famous painting “Man On Bench,” into something humorous and to be marveled at as you pass it by. (Daily Art Magazine, 2022).

What did Boterismo mean to Botero as an art form?

It is important to recognize that within Botero’s work, he has claimed that he “does not paint chubby people.” (Daily Art Magazine, 2022). For him, Boterismo is the “sensuality of form.” The painted size of his characters enables him to accentuate and showcase particular characteristics. (Daily Art Magazine, 2022). Overall, Botero loved to create works of art. Making every piece of art, whether they were originals, copies, or renditions of well-known paintings such as the Mona Lisa, or the depiction of Pablo Escobar’s death, he always managed to find a way to let his mind and his vision shine through his amazing work. (Daily Art Magazine, 2022).

In conclusion, Fernando Botero’s work has influenced other artists. His art inspires others while simultaneously creating amusement and making observers do double-takes and absorb their deeper thoughts. (Daily Art Magazine, 2022).

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