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In-Person & Live Online Classes

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Spanish Classes for Kids, Teens and Adults

Equal Proficiency Leveled Groups by Age

Spanish Classes for Adults

Enhance your resume, your communication with family, and keep your memory sharp!

Spanish Classes for Teens

Classes for teens ages 13 -18. Learn amongst peers & shape your future today!

Spanish Classes for Kids

Perfect for kids ages 7-12. The best time to start learning Spanish is at an early age.

We Help Students to Succeed in the Global Economy

by Learning Spanish with Proven Online and In-Person Programs

  • SIELE authorized
    examination center

  • Experienced native
    Spanish trainers

  • Spanish private
    classes available

  • Small size group classes,
    6 students max.

  • SIELE authorized examination center

  • Experienced native Spanish trainers

  • Spanish private classes available

  •  Small size group classes. 6 students max.

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Why Speak Spanish Academy?

Having the opportunity to help others learn Spanish as a foreign language is a rewarding experience. As an internationalist, I highly embrace globalization and its influence on the way we communicate nowadays. Language barriers have been broken, and Spanish, as the second most spoken language globally, makes learning Spanish a great asset for everyone.

If you find yourself mostly listening in class, the chances of getting results soon are very slim. In the traditional system, classes are often a passive experience with large groups where students spend most of the time listening to the instructor. If you are lucky, you will speak less than 10% of the time in class, for example: in a 2 hours class, 12 minutes communicating or less, instead of interacting and practicing what you are learning.

We are not traditional. By following a structured methodology, our Spanish Language methods make learning Spanish an enjoyable and productive learning experience, so you can expect to see results faster. To implement a real communicative approach, students need to express themselves actively. Implementing active skills like speaking and writing and getting instant feedback from an expert instructor.

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Learn Spanish Anywhere

We support students to learn Live Online from anywhere via Zoom. No matter where you are located, you can learn Spanish.

Learn at your own pace

We offer custom-made private programs that combine great online learning resources with great trainers at your fingertips.

Progressive learning

From Beginners to Advanced programs. We accompany you on your complete language journey.

Small Size groups

We offer spanish language training for companies and individuals in small size groups of up to 4 students online and 6 students in person.

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Digital and hardcopy Spanish learning resources

Proven, Powerful, and Friendly Spanish Learning Resources

All our courses adhere to The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) or The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Proficiency Standards.

Each standard describes what a learner is expected to do per skill: reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

Our mission is to equip our students linguistically and culturally to communicate in a more diverse world. We help students engage in meaningful conversations in Spanish.

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One On One Online Learning

Read Our Reviews

See why our students love Speak Spanish Academy.

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  • Read more reviews

Need help? Let us find the right program for you!

Attend a live online info session about our courses with Celina Gutiérrez, founder of SSA.

This 30-minute Live Online session will lead a step-by-step walk-through of our courses, take a tour of the digital textbooks, and cover frequently asked questions.

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